Thank you for being available! My time of worship at Candlelight Prayer House this morning changed my whole day!
July 2019
Encountering the presence of God at the Prayer House has completely changed my life and my relationship with God!

The connections I’ve made with other moms, grandmas and great grandmas through Moms in Prayer at Candlelight Prayer House have been priceless for me! I am more confident in prayer and declaration and feel more connected. I know the other moms are for me and with me!

Being a part of Friday Worship & Prayer Meeting has changed my life! It is so powerful and full of the presence of God! We are seeing answers to the prayers that we pray during those Friday meetings!

Since coming to Community Prayer on Thursday mornings I have grown in joy, boldness and connection! I am thankful for this time to gather together to pray for our community!

I came to the Prayer House before work to soak in the Lord’s presence. I received refreshing peace and carried it with me into my workplace! I shared that peace with a co-worker and our whole office was full of peace all day!

I was battling anxiety and drove to the prayer house to receive prayer. I was ministered to and felt the fire of God inside my body! I left feeling more hopeful and peaceful.
I was led by Holy Spirit to go to Candlelight Prayer House on the way home from work. I received prayer, felt a deep peace and left completely refreshed!