Welcome to our Testimony Page!

This is an ever growing list of personal testimonies/encounters that people have experienced in visiting Candlelight Prayer House and The Healing Room of Camden County!

It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.                                                                          Daniel 4:2

  • A woman was led by Holy Spirit to go to prayer house on the way home from work-she received prayer, felt a deep peace and left completely refreshed!
  • Amazing breakthrough during The Daniel Fast Declarations at prayer house!
  • A man walked 45 minutes in 30 degree weather to pray at prayer house!
  • A woman made time during her lunch break to visit the prayer house!
  • A woman came to the prayer house before work to soak in the Lord’s presence. She received refreshing peace and carried it with her to her workplace! She shared that peace with a co-worker and the whole office was full of peace all day!
  • A woman called the Candlelight Prayer House Hotline asking for prayer for a job. The very next day she received a phone call asking her to come in for an interview and she got the job!
  • A woman was battling anxiety and drove to the prayer house to receive prayer! She was ministered to and felt the fire of God inside of her body! She left feeling more hopeful and peaceful!
  • Praying on Life Mondays has led to an opportunity to take part in a peaceful prayer vigil at a local abortion clinic and get connected with a pro-life organization in South Jersey!
  • Being a part of Prayer/Worship Meetings on Friday’s has changed my life! It is so powerful and full of the presence of God! We are seeing answers to the prayers that we pray during those Friday meetings!
  • One of the members of The Healing Room of Camden County received prayer on behalf of his daughter who was not able to come in person but had been diagnosed with shingles on top of having Lupus. The team prayed and the father txted his daughter asking about the pain-she replied, No Pain! Two days went past and when txted again the daughter had stated the pain was completely gone and healing of the blisters is taking place!
  • During the last healing room, many people were touched by the presence of God and testified of pain leaving their bodies!
  • Sciatica pain completely healed at healing room!
  • A woman stopped by the prayer house recently and shared how encountering the presence of God at the prayer house has completely changed her life and her relationship with God!
  • A couple came to CPH and they were overcome by the Lord’s presence! The husband had only sat outside at the garden previously, as this was his first time inside and he testified that he felt a shift when entering inside! He said that it felt like he had walked into a different world, where time stood still and there was a heavy tangible peace!
  • One of the Healing Room workers came to serve in the Healing Room last week with severe back pain. After taking communion and soaking in the Lord’s presence the team told her to sit in a chair and they would minister to her body. She stood up and said, “You don’t have to, all the pain is gone!” No one had touched her or prayed for her! She was healed just by being in the presence of God!

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